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Our product consistent high quality, safeguard our customers to always get the absolute best material to meet their furnace hot zone needs.

We not only provide the customized solution to the customer requirements but also assured the best quality in best possible price.

  • ​Graphite Parts

    • Selective Grades with High Electrical Resistivity​ & Compressive Strength.

    • High Thermal Stability.

    • Can Manufacture Tailored Components by converting hand made sketch into drawings.

  • C/C Components

    • High mechanical strength and heat resistance.

    • Fatigue and fracture resistant. 

    • Increasing stability at increasing temperatures (up to 2600°C)

    • Thermal deformation resistant.

  • Insulation Boards

    • Low Thermal Conductivity & Expansion.

    • Low ash and sulfur content

    • Resistant to metal vapor impregnation

    • Excellent chemical resistance

    • Rapid heating and cooling due to low mass.

  • Vacuum Furnaces- Heat Treatment

  • Powdered Metal Sintering

  • Annealing & Hot Pressing

  • Silicon / GaAs Crystal Growing Furnaces

  • CVD, CVI, and CVR Furnaces

  • Graphite Purification Furnaces

  • Carbon Fiber Heat Treating Furnaces

  • Non-oxide ceramic production, e.g.  silicon carbide, boron nitride, etc.

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